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As you've yet to sell your car to perhaps you're thinking of selling privately?

Whilst you may get a slightly better price, many sellers find that a private sale is often more bother than it's worth...
Costly classifieds: you can end up paying around £40 to advertise your car for just three weeks - with no guarantee of sale.

Bouncing cheques: sellers are easy targets for fraudsters using dud cheques, forged bank notes and stolen bankers' drafts.

Haggle time: get ready to put up with a buyer who wants to haggle and knock you down in price - or be prepared to take even longer to sell your car.

Test drive dilemma: buyers will want to test drive your car but it's unlikely they'll be insured to do so - so who pays for any damage?  

Or like hundreds of other motorists, you could go for a hassle-free guaranteed sale with All you need is to fill in our enquiry form or contact us via phone or text message.